Dots, Lines, & Curves – Better Together



Dots, Lines, & Curves explores diversity, inclusion, and acceptance through the perspectives of these common objects.

Dots, Lines, & Curves live in their separate spaces. They are magnificent on their own. Still, something is missing. They see each other but don’t connect, despite their curiosity. Eventually, with a bit of courage, they decide to play together and find inclusion much more fun for everyone. They find creativity and strength in diversity.

The story addresses diversity and inclusion through a wide lens to invite all children to see themselves in the characters. These everyday objects come to life to show that we are all different and the same in varied ways. Through both similarities and differences, we forge meaningful and powerful connections. We can do more standing together than standing apart.

Dawn collaborated with her wife to create the illustrations for this book. Maggie is an artist and elementary educator. Her fun and simple collages link to an extension activity that encourages readers to become illustrators with their own collection of Dots, Lines, & Curves.

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Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × .19 in


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