Consulting & curriculum Development

Dawn provides consulting services to school districts and OST organizations on wellness curriculum development and consistent implementation of robust whole-child programming for K-12 students.

See below for a sample of her published work. Contact Dawn for more information on curriculum development and consulting services.

Dawn’s Portfolio

Developer of the following applied SEL tools and routines:

  • The Mood Rings: A Tool for Exploring and Regulating Emotions
  • Zoning In & Checking Out: Infusing SEL into Arrival and Dismissal Routines
  • Take Your STEPS: A Mindful Decision-Making Process
  • My Keys: Unlocking Student Potential with The Big Five Abilities
    *The posters pictured here were designed from WTN content and copyrighted for BellXcel. To learn more about WTN Applied SEL Routines, visit the Well Together Now curriculum catalog. 

The Mood Rings

A Tool for Exploring and Regulating Emotion

Zoning In & Checking Out

Infusing SEL Into Arrival & Dismissal Routines

Take Your STEPS

A Mindful Decision-Making Process

My Keys

Unlocking Student Potential with the
CASEL Core Competencies

Author of BellXcel’s SEL Curriculum including:

  • Ladders Social Emotional Learning: Self & Others
  • Ladders Social Emotional Learning: Belonging & Community
  • Ladders Routines for Applied SEL
  • PARC: A guide and model for project based service learning


Author of Dots, Lines, & Curves – Better Together