Consulting & curriculum Development

Dawn provides consulting services to school districts and OST organizations on wellness curriculum development and consistent implementation of robust whole-child programming for K-12 students.

See below for a sample of her published work. Contact Dawn for more information on curriculum development and consulting services.

Dawn’s Portfolio

Developer of the following applied SEL tools and routines:

  • The Mood Rings: A Tool for Exploring and Regulating Emotions
  • Zoning In & Checking Out: Infusing SEL into Arrival and Dismissal Routines
  • Take Your STEPS: A Mindful Decision-Making Process
  • My Keys: Unlocking Student Potential with The Big Five Abilities
    *The posters pictured here were designed from WTN content and copyrighted for BellXcel. Contact Dawn to access this content through the Well Together Now curriculum catalog. 

The Mood Rings

A Tool for Exploring and Regulating Emotion

Zoning In & Checking Out

Infusing SEL Into Arrival & Dismissal Routines

Take Your STEPS

A Mindful Decision-Making Process

My Keys

Unlocking Student Potential with the
CASEL Core Competencies

Author of BellXcel’s SEL Curriculum including:

  • Ladders Social Emotional Learning: Self & Others
  • Ladders Social Emotional Learning: Belonging & Citizenship
  • Ladders Routines for Applied SEL
  • PARC: A guide and model for project based service learning


Author of Dots, Lines, & Curves – Better Together