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WTN Social-Emotional Learning Routines & Professional Development

WTN SEL routines, as part of systemic, transformative social emotional learning, embed co-learning practices that translate to holistic and connected communities.

Checking In with The Mood Rings: An Emotional Awareness & Regulation Routine

ExploRING • DiscoveRING • PrepaRING

Checking In with The Mood Rings cultivates emotional intelligence, develops language and agency, and promotes responsible decision-making. Ongoing practice fosters ownership of tools for shifting, as needed, in response to daily demands.

Students arrive with a unique backpack of experiences and emotions that they carry with them throughout the day. The weight varies from day-to-day and hour-to-hour, but it continually affects their availability for learning and social interaction.

Regular use of this routine allows students to explore their emotional world with curiosity and equanimity. Over time, students learn to respond and ADAPT in ways that suit their individual needs by developing:

Decision-making skills
Awareness of self and others
Planning strategies
Transition tools


The Teacher’s Guide includes professional learning articles to support the startup process. However, Dawn also offers live video and in-person PD. In these sessions, Dawn tours the tools and process for Checking In with the Mood Rings through guidance and group reflections. Live presentations allow participants to ask questions and receive advice specific to their setting and student population. Click on the Mood Rings poster to learn more about this SEL routine.

The ABCs of Integrated SEL: Using Routines to Develop Agency, Belonging, and Community

An essential element of systemic SEL is the weaving of social-emotional learning into activities across the curriculum and into the fabric of school and community climate. In this professional development series, Dawn trains schools and districts on integrated social-emotional learning.

The series centers My Keys as a foundational routine and introduces supplemental practices for embedded SEL. Participants receive a set of My Keys posters for classrooms and common areas, as well as digital lesson plans for introducing the routine at various grade levels.

The My Keys routine translates to ongoing SEL as teachers consider the skills required in activities across the curriculum and from various angles (teacher to student, student to teacher, student to student) and note which SE competencies they want to highlight with students. My Keys translates to formative assessment as teachers reserve specific times to stop, observe, and connect with students about the keys they are using throughout the day. As teachers weave My Keys into their practice, they hone their awareness, improve their pedagogy, and continue to develop their own social-emotional competency.

My Keys infuses the school day with SEL to support teachers and students as community members, co-learners, and leaders.

Click on the My Keys poster to learn more about this SEL routine.

    The ABCs of Integrated SEL takeaways:



          • Comprehension of how SEL routines foster a safe, inclusive learning environment and develop agency
          • Common Language with My Keys as a foundational routine
          • Personal Growth through the lens of adult social-emotional competency
          • Confidence in teaching and assessing student SEL
          • Preparedness to infuse SEL across settings and content areas
          • Goals for monitoring consistency and progress

    Children’s Books


    Dots, Lines, & Curves – Better Together

    A picture book written by Dawn McGrath and illustrated by Maggie Doben
    (audience: K-3)

    Dots, Lines, & Curves explores diversity, inclusion, and acceptance through the perspectives of these common objects.

    The story addresses diversity and inclusion through a wide lens to invite all children to see themselves in the characters.

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