Being WELL TOGETHER NOW means doing OUR part. Facing an unprecedented period of school closure, prioritizing physical and mental wellbeing, despite our fears and the increased restrictions, may feel daunting. In the coming days, we aim to be a family-friendly resource through the Coach’s Corner strand of the blog with our new Well Together at Home Series.

Beginning today, we will shift the focus of this thread to offer specific activities and ideas for families. Through regular posts, the Coach’s Corner will link to video content as well as fun exercise routines, suggestions, and challenges for kids and parents. We will share ideas from our school wellness enrichment curriculum and offer a space for families to comment, ask questions, and share what they are doing to stay active and well.

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The following is a simple, fun, and modifiable workout. Perfect for any fitness level!


Draw a card. Match the suit to the exercises. Choose between the options. The number tells you how many or how long for that movement. 

J=11  Q=12  K=13

ANYTIME YOU DRAW AN ACE: Hold a PLANK for 20 seconds.

  • HEARTS: Jumping Jack or Star Jump
  • SPADES: Squat or Bridge
  • DIAMONDS: Bicycle or Venus Fly Trap
  • CLUBS: Inchworm or Superman

WRITE YOUR OWN: Mix it up and include different exercises. Have fun creating new routines!

NOTE: You don’t have to work through all 52 cards in the deck. Instead, it works best to set an amount of time for this workout. (i.e. 20 mins. total)

Click here to download a PDF version of this routine.