Dear WELLcommunity friends,

Lately, I am both afraid and compelled to open my social media feeds. I want to stay connected, yet I know that even the smallest of doses can cause my anxiety to spike and also bring physical pain from the overwhelming stress response. Often, I find that after scrolling, I am flooded with emotions like sadness, anger, fear, hopelessness, worry, and despair.

Still, once in a while, my eyes catch a positive gem, a post that lifts my spirits or presents a realistic but optimistic perspective. When I find such a message, my mind and body experience a gentle reduction in the intense mental load, a moment of warmth and a slight thaw in muscular tension. These gems offer much-needed hope.

Anxiety is a new reality for many. I have battled for years with mental health conditions including OCD, anxiety, and depression; the current climate has me existing on fumes. With tapped stores and no end in sight, I am wondering just how long this vessel will run on empty.

Inspired by the glimpse of hope gifted to me by those social gems, I am attempting to extend that feeling. Each day I plan to spend a little time scrolling through my Facebook friends and thinking about each one of you, specifically what I like about you. As I think of you, I will spend a minute visiting the good vibes. In return, I plan to share a thought that comes to mind in hopes of lifting your spirits and reminding you that we are connected. Maybe, in some small way, you will see this as a gem and experience a momentary thaw in tension.

Over the coming weeks, I will use my personal Facebook account to reach as many friends and family as possible with a heartfelt message: What I like about you …

I am using the hashtags #welltogethernow and #whatilikeaboutyou2020 to connect and gather the messages under one searchable theme.

I am posting the same comment along with the post to let friends know that there are no strings attached:

This is not a chain letter. There are no required numbers of people to tag or repost. Just an honest message from me to you, because I think you deserve to hear it. If you are moved to do the same for others, then that is wonderful too. Should you choose to do so, please include the following hashtags so we can trace the spread of kindness#welltogethernow #whatilikeaboutyou2020

Keep each other well.
WTN Founder and Coach Dawn McGrath