Roadblocks, obstacles, hurdles – whatever you call them, we all have them. Often, they are completely out of our control. The difference in the long-term outcome is tied to our reactions to circumstance.

In fact, when you set a goal, it is wise to assume that you will encounter setbacks along the way and visualize your continued success despite these challenges. Easier said than done, yes. However, it is not unreasonable. In fact, this is where you will test and grow a critical trait: RESILIENCE.

The ability to respond to and rebound from a challenging experience is an invaluable quality. We see and admire it in others, especially when it comes to a crisis or an unfortunate occurrence that shines a spotlight on a person (loss/major illness or injury). Still, resilience is a trait that is required daily. This holds true in all facets of life, including WELLNESS.

Join me in a visualization exercise. See your long-term goal. Now, take a moment to imagine a hurdle. It may be something that has stopped you in the past. Or it could be something novel. Put yourself in that moment immediately following a setback. What are you imagining as you read these words? Is your set back large or small? Do you feel embarrassed or hopeless in this experience? Do you tend to let these bumps throw you off track from your long-term goal?

There is nothing wrong with these feelings. However, they can be paralyzing if you allow them to fester. It is time to use the power of the mind to make a plan for dealing with setbacks and visualizing success. Now I encourage you to practice the following two-tiered process.

Tier One: STOP yourself.

STAY present. (Deal with the now. Don’t go into avoidance or look too far off.)

THINK logically. (What are the facts? Try to separate these from how you feel.)

OWN your behavior. (How you behave is your choice, both “pre” and “post” setback.)

PROCESS the emotions. (Allow yourself to feel without judgment.)

Sometimes we make a choice that we regret. Other times life throws a curveball, and we have to catch it or swerve. Either way, you regain control when you face the challenge and react to empower yourself.

Tier Two: Engage your TEAM.

TAKE stock. (What do you have? What do you need?)

EMPOWER yourself. (Learn from your mistakes and apply those lessons.)

ASK for help. (Reach out to your friends and family; TEAM in the truest sense.)

MAKE a plan. (Adjust and form next steps that are in line with your long-term success.)

Some setbacks are more overwhelming than others. I am intentionally keeping this vague since we all have unique stories. STOP and TEAM can help conquer the mountains and the molehills:

Missed some workouts this week or overindulged a bit? STOP and TEAM.

Facing an injury or major life change? STOP and TEAM.

As the saying goes, this too shall pass. Indeed. It will pass, whether you ignore, dig yourself into a hole, or take decisive action. It matters what you choose to do (or not to do) as time passes.

You are not a final product. Revisions are required. Remember to stay resilient, flexible, forgiving, and relentless in your pursuits… wellness, and otherwise.