Sweating can be a good for you!

Use the acronym SWEAT to help you remember the exercises in this routine.

COACH’S CORNER TIP: Acronyms are helpful clues for our memories. An acronym acts like an abbreviation. Even better, it’s a new word formed from the first letters of other words. Sometimes it is helpful to use an acronym to build a workout or to remember what comes next in a routine. In this case, each letter in the word SWEAT matches the first letter of the exercise that follows.

Less stopping for reminders means you keep moving to break a healthy sweat!

Click on the name of any exercise below to see video demonstrations.

S: Superman
W: Walking Lunges
E: Elbows & Knees
A: Alpha-Jacks
T: Toe Touches

COACH’S CHALLENGE: Create your own workout using a word as an acronym. Share your acronym/workout in the comments below!

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