Today’s activity requires little time and a big burst of energy.

How many rounds can you do in 10 minutes?


  • Basketball, soccer ball, foam, or rubber ball of a similar size.
  • Jump Rope (optional)
  • Chalk, ruler, or some other item to serve as a mark for Hop Overs


Set a timer for 10 minutes. Display the routine below nearby to reference or have someone call out the next move as you continue through the sequence. When you get to the bottom of the list, you have completed ONE FULL ROUND. Start again with Jump Ropes and move through the routine, continuing in this manner until the 10 minutes are up! Tally the number of rounds as complete rounds + how many moves into the next round. (i.e., 3 rounds + 4 moves). Click on any of the exercises to see a video demonstration.

Challenge a family member or friend to match or beat your record! Better yet, try to set a new record on another day! Adults can increase the difficulty by replacing the ball with a weighted item for all moves except the Chicken Walk.


10 continuous Jump Rope (real or pretend to hold an imaginary rope)

10 steps Chicken Walk (squeeze ball between legs)

10 Toe Touches with the ball

10 steps Chicken Walk

10 (per side) Russian Twists (holding the ball)

10 steps Chicken Walk

10 Butterfly sit ups with ball over head

10 steps Chicken Walk

10 (per direction) Straight arm circles (holding ball)

10 Line Hop Overs (Draw a chalk line or lay a ruler on the floor as your mark. Hopping over and back is ONE rep.)


HIGH 10!
Have fun and let us know how you do. Share your results with us in the comments below.

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