What is a WELLcommunity?

Well Together Now is bound by connectedness, our WELLcommunity sewed with this common thread. There is tremendous power in the ‘we’ of wellness. After all, being well does not have a finish line.

If wellness is ongoing, then why go it alone? 

The WELLcommunity is where we all M.E.E.T. 

Motivation, Eating, Exercise, and Time:

Each of these elements reflected in moments and choices; they are small actions that add up to significant change. WTN challenges you to redefine these words when it comes to WELLNESS.

Motivation = mindset and mental support

Eating = balance and awareness

Exercise = activity and revitalization

Time = self-care and giving back

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This central feature of WTN is an open-ended source of rapport. Our WELLcommunity realizes the power of sharing. Together we possess collective knowledge and experience. Through our virtual dialogue, we are an ongoing community brainstorm with a forum to pose questions, start discussions, share information, and offer support. The Well Together Now blog delivers content that is devoted to a health and wellness framework. However, the tangents are many. While the intention is most often to educate and raise awareness, at times, this is accomplished through sharing honest, personal experience, and reflection. All entries are designed to invite conversation and host voices of the community through the comments. We hope you will find mutuality in our judgment-free spaces:

Coach’s Corner– Inspiration and guidance on all things wellness

WELLcommunity – The Well Together at Home Series


Connect with me for guidance in setting and MEETing your wellness goals. I offer individualized wellness coaching services in a variety of areas, including running, strength, and overall wellness. For some, a coach provides support through accountability or nudges. For others, a coach offers a framework to discover your “why,” a purpose behind your journey. In all cases, a trustworthy coach provides expert guidance with a personalized approach. In my work with adults and youth, I have been fortunate to watch growth mindsets blossom and achieve. Whatever your goal may be, our relationship keeps you in the driver’s seat. Consider me your co-pilot, ready to decode your map when you are seeking direction.


Health does not operate in silos. Mental and physical health are symbiotic. Most schools do not present health and wellness as such within the current educational frameworks. I believe wellness education should be a priority from an early age. This learning should encompass both mental and physical health.

My experience as a special education teacher and administrator, formed a natural bridge between my passion for prioritizing wellness and a base for curriculum development. Through community workshops and school based programs, I am a direct provider of wellness education and enrichment for youth and adults.

WTN wellness curriculum emphasizes the growth mindset and the salient relationship between connectedness and wellbeing. Not born in isolation, connectedness is an experience of human interaction. Confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging develop in such experiences.

These programs, available to school systems, parks and recreation departments, and other community partners are the cornerstone of Well Together Now. I am most excited about this developing facet of WTN.


In the heart of connectedness lives the practice of giving back. Positive reciprocity: in lifting others, we lift ourselves.

WTN’s community calendar highlights events that present opportunities to be active, connect, AND give back. We advertise for charitable events only. In addition to the calendar, watch for opportunities to participate in a WTN TEAM. Whether it be a march, a walk, or a night of volunteering, I hope you will join us at a future event!