WTN offers personalized run, strength, and wellness coaching for ALL ages and levels.


RUNNING - $100.00/4 WEEKS

Whether you are new to the sport, reaching for that first 5k, or an experienced runner with a goal, we will get you to your finish line feeling accomplished and ready for more. 

  • Initial consult (30 minutes) with written plan including run workouts to match personal goal. Written in 4-week cycles, the calendar includes strategically placed workouts with consideration to the athlete’s schedule and any preexisting cross training routines. This level of coaching also includes:
    • Weekly check ins through email.
    • One phone conference per cycle (15-minute check in or Q&A)

*Run specific 1:1 coached sessions are also available upon request. These sessions are perfect for new runners who want to learn basic routines for dynamic warm ups, stretching, and/or recovery (i.e. rolling). Sessions can also be designed to improve speed and technique through coached track/road workouts. Contact Coach Dawn for information and rates.

strength - $70.00/HOUR

Sessions to be held at select WTN partner facilities. Participants receive a fitness screen during the first session to develop informed training sessions.

1:1 Personal Training

Rates discounted by 10% for Members receiving WTN Wellness Coaching for the life of their Goal Period.

1:1 – $70/hour

1:1 – 10 Sessions $60/hour


3+ Small group training - rate varies

Please contact Coach Dawn to inquire about rates for small groups.

wellness - $175.00/4 WEEKS

Whether it is nutrition, exercise, or overall balance, Coach Dawn works with you to create a plan with benchmarks that are unique to your personal goals. Ultimately, through small guided steps, we empower you to coach yourself; MEET your goal of sustainable wellness.

Customized Plan including benchmarks and SMART goals.

  • Initial consult: 60 minutes
  • Weekly correspondence (mode decided at consult)
  • Phone conference 1x/mo through end of Goal Period (GP)
  • Goal Review Meeting: 30 minutes
  • 10% off WTN Personal Training Rates

*Monthly payment ~Typical GOAL PERIOD is 12 weeks to be extended as needed and agreed upon with clients.